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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Solving The Puzzle

It has been a while since someone posted a reply to the previous blog on Enlightened Extremism so it seems appropriate that I add something to this ...

Well it is a very talked about topic in Pakistan and we Pakistanis a vast majority of us, reject the enlightened moderation that is advocated by a certain group of people. This small 'and vocal' group have a vested interest in promoting this thought. Unfortunately the rest of the people, and most of which is the easily impressed youth, don't really understand the 'real hidden agenda'. It serves only the purpose of a few. And only that certain group would benefit from this moderate liberal mindset...The vulgarism, corruption of thoughts, and the blind following of western values which eventually aims to control people's lives by making them their slaves, be it in the shape of following the western ideals of life or in the shape of economic slavery, adopting their ways of spending thoughtlessly, on things which are not the needs of life but the greeds of mind, by this way making them come under debt, gradually and slowly making the whole nation economic slaves of the few hidden hands, the Zionist Jews and Neo-Cons of West. And the ones who follow these 'moderates' are actually a confused lot as they want to eat the cake and have it too!.. By that I mean they want to be called Muslims while enjoying the liberties of secularism.But what they do not realize is that it is a trap, lovely from outside but a sweet poison....

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  1. Thanks very much for your excellent blog - lots of the information here is putting my mind at rest!