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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roshan Khial Intiha Pasandi ! ....Enlightened Extremism !

Assalamoalaikum All

My friend and I were discussing the situation around us these days in our society and this term was suddenly coined by us. It truly and aptly represents one particular mindset in our society these days, which is obsessed with the phrase given by our dear Mr Musharraf, enlightened moderation. Someone said about such group of society "some people are so open minded, their brains fall out ", and truly the following of this mindset is so misdirected they are taking it to extreme which "supposedly" is against the basic idea behind it, that is to shun all kinds of extremism and be moderate ,not just from a religious perspective but in all its manifestations in the society. But people have taken it for distancing themselves from religion altogether and religiously adopting the western values and culture.

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